Company Overview

Ekatama Group was established in response to the increasing demand of the Indonesian market for a company that provides total engineering solution to customers. Ekatama Group is made up of 3 different companies, namely PT. Ekatama Putra Perkasa, that focuses on industrial maintenance and support tools, PT. Wirya Krenindo Perkasa, that specializes in Material Handling equipment such as hoists and cranes, and PT. Ekatama Prima Perkasa, a solutions provider for industrial projects.

Ekatama Group has several offices located in different areas to serve the Indonesian market. The head office is located in Jakarta with branch offices located in Cilegon, Semarang, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Makassar, Palembang, Pekanbaru and Batam.

Our company employs more than 200 trained professionals in our endeavor to provide unmatched services. We believe in continuous improvement and therefore have implemented a training program to educate all employees on a regular basis.

We know our reputation is not obtained from just a one-day’s work but earned through continuous hard work and commitment.

Our Journey

Our History

The company’s history goes back to the 1960’s as a small retail hardware store named CV. Sinar Asia (located at the Pasar Lindeteves hardware centre) which was owned by Mr. Kerta Wirya. As the business grew it become clear that Sinar Asia had to take a proactive approach in order to seize the opportunities which the growing Indonesian economy had to offer. His first move was to secure the Makita Electric Tool and Enerpac Hydraulic Tool agencies for Indonesia. Focusing on these two product lines proved the right way to go and as a result the business continued to grow significantly over the years that followed.

In 1986, the founder Mr. Kerta Wirya decided to retire and leave his two sons Santoso and Eka Putra Wirya to continue with the business which by that time was well established. At this point, it was agreed that total focus and the right marketing approach were the keys to future growth of both the Makita and Enerpac businesses. Realizing 2 different strategies were required, i.e. direct selling in the case of Enerpac versus mass distribution in the case of Makita, a decision was taken by Mr. Kerta Wirya to form two separate companies. As a result of that decision, Santoso Wirya heads PT. Makindo Cipta Karya (Karya Group), sole agent for Makita Power Tools and Eka Wirya heads PT. Ekatama Putra Perkasa (Ekatama Group), sole agent for Enerpac Hydraulic Tools.

Founded in 1997, PT. Wirya Krenindo Perkasa is the only authorized partner of Stahl CraneSystems in Indonesia, a world-class manufacturer for material handling equipment based in Germany. Our team has an excellent reputation amongst our customers for our professionalism, technical competence and service in response to the growing demands for hoist units, crane electrical systems, spare parts and components, steel construction, crane manufacturing, assembly and installation, crane automation, maintenance and services, with the ultimate aim of supplying everything the customer needs from One Source.

At the heart of the company is a group of competent professionals with many years of experience, which is fundamental in a technology-oriented industry such as the crane industry.

The company has an integrated facility consisting of fabrication area, workshop, service center, training center, warehouse and crane simulation area. Our quality management system is certified to ISO9001:2008 ensuring all activities go through rigorous quality control/assurance assessments.

PT. Ekatama Prima Perkasa was set up in 2001 to meet the increasing demands of clients seeking assistance to solve industrial application problems. The company focuses on creating integrated solutions for customers. Buoyed by a dedicated team of competent engineers who excel in their fields, the company aims to provide unmatched services to clients interested in finding the optimal engineering solutions for their applications.

PT. Ekatama Putra Perkasa was founded in 1986, and has since developed into one of the most reputable companies in the country for industrial support tools, having formed partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands such as Enerpac Hydraulic Tools (USA) and Proto Professional Hand tools (USA) along the way.

The company believes that earning the trust of its customers is of utmost importance and as such has committed to providing life long support to its customers through the availability of parts, components and service personnel, creation of service center, calibration center, training center, fabrication center, R&D center and deployment of service car.